Vision and Mission

Educating audiences with humor and levity how to spot and defend themselves from fraud & cybercrime

Jeff Lanza is dedicated to meeting the needs of his clients and his audience. His mission statement includes five pillars:

Jeff Lanza is a retired FBI Agent. In addition to appearing on national television educating the public about important security issues, he now travels the across the country providing highly rated keynote presentations and seminars about risk management at the personal and corporate level. His presentations, based on his FBI career as an investigator and spokesman, are designed to be informative and entertaining. They are based on his two decades of law enforcement experience as a criminal investigator and a regional FBI spokesman. He uses real life stories to illustrate, explain and provide valuable take home points for individuals and organizations.

Unique and Relevant Program

Jeff will strive to treat each client uniquely and develop a program that best meets their needs.

Provide great value in presentations

Jeff will provide high quality professional speaking services at a reasonable fee.

Updated, Relevant Content

Jeff will continue to enhance and update his expertise & programs to reflect recent trends.

Educate on important topics

Jeff is committed to helping people learn about important topics in a way that provides lasting take home value.

Compelling and Relatable

Jeff is committed to providing information in a compelling way, with just the right touch of humor.

“I had been looking forward to hearing you speak and was not disappointed. The topics of cyber-crime, social media, and media communication are so timely and critical to both our professional and personal lives. You made these topics easy to understand and you did it in a highly engaging and entertaining manner. Your presentation was one of the best I’ve seen and I would highly recommend it to any group or organization.”

Jan Duncan, PMP
KC PMI Chapter member

Hire Jeff to speak at your event

“Jeff is masterful at reading the audience and paced his remarks accordingly. Laughter, lots of “aha” moments, sincere interest and furious note taking are the hallmarks of an interested audience and an interesting speaker!”

Rebecca Smith

Principal, US Bank, Medford, Oregon

“I have attended many conferences and have listened to a number speakers, but have to say I only remember one other speaker who impressed me as much as you did. Your presentation was absolutely AWESOME!! Not only did you present a lot of useful information, it was presented in an entertaining manner – the two hours were not long enough. This is one presentation I will not forget.”


Amelia Amy Brandt, CPCS

Medical Staff Services Office, Hershey, PA 17033