The #1 FBI Agent Keynote Speaker

“A Phenomenal Speaker”

A Cyber Security and Identity Theft Expert  –   An FBI Agent for Over 20 Years

Jeff is an award-winning, nationally known speaker whose career as an FBI Special Agent has fueled his passion for helping people and organizations. His presentations of timely topics are communicated with the right touch of humor and are based on his experience as an FBI investigator, spokesman, speechwriter and trainer. Since his retirement from the FBI, he has presented in 49 states and to thousands around the globe. Jeff has lectured at Princeton University and voted the most popular speaker in the 55-year history of Kansas City’s Prestigious Plaza Club. He appears regularly on national television programs including CNBC and CNN. He has also appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America and Fox.

If Jeff presents to your group, you will get:

  • An experienced, high energy, award winning speaker
  • Compelling real life stories which engage the audience
  • Valuable information presented in an entertaining way

He has provided more than two thousand presentations to convention groups, associations, corporate boards, and employees of major corporations around the world.

Some of the industries where Jeff is most utilized:

Some recent audience comments:

”A phenomenal speaker!”
A financial advisor with UBS in New York City

”Jeff, you were a big hit. The subject had everyone’s interest but your delivery was exceptional. They loved your stories.”
– Tad Waldbauer,  A UBS Financial Advisor, New York, New York

”Your lecture to us laymen was the most practical, in-depth, common sense one I have heard to date. Thanks for giving us a moment of your valuable time and thanks for your wonderful handout sheets. Please come back again.”
– Client of a financial advisor, Charlotte, North Carolina

”Our clients had such a wonderful time and found the event very informative and our best educational seminar yet! We are so appreciative of your time and the education you provided to each one of us.”
– An employee of Wells Fargo Advisors

”My colleague decided to see Jerry Seinfeld while he was in town instead of coming to your presentation. I will tell her you are funnier.:
– A financial advisor with Morgan Stanley

”Your presentation of cyber security on behalf of Essex Financial was fabulous. We have heard great feedback from our clients both on the material presented as well as how clear and concise you delivered this information.”
Kathleen Montano
Client Relationship Manager
Essex Financial
September, 2017 

”Great job last night!  The feedback from clients has been terrific.  No question the best seminar in my 25 years in the business.”
Mark Yonan
Senior Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch
September, 2017

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