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I have attended a multitude of presentations over the years focused on cyber security with each focused primarily on scaring participants with an endless and grown list of cyber security threats. By contrast, Mr. Lanza’s presentation focused on education of the most common threats and, more importantly, provided practical solutions and strategies to proactively manage these threats through an engaging and fun presentation

C. Todd Navrat, Associate General Counsel – Hallmark Cards Incorporated

Former Chief Operating Officer – Hallmark Labs, LLC

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I have had the opportunity to witness Jeff Lanza present to 5 organizations over the past few years. Jeff is one of my favorite speakers to listen to. Each one of his presentations has been different. He combines his many years of FBI experience with exceptional humor as well as fascinating story telling. If you are looking for an experienced, presenter that has mastered several interesting topics you cannot go wrong with Jeff Lanza.
Norman Craig, MA, LUTCF

Principal, ProPartners Wealth

LOVED the speaker! He had a lot of great information that I feel businesses can actually implement with little or no cost. I heard several comments as I was leaving, “he was a great speaker”, “he brought life to a not-so-fun subject”. Whoever booked him made a great call!


Angela Lynn

Metropolitan National Bank