Cybercrime Prevention for Business

Attackers often compromise smaller less secure businesses and use their environments as their base of operations.  Jeff delivers a down to earth presentation discussing the latest hacks, security breaches and computer scams with solution-oriented tips which are suitable for all audiences.

Key Points Covered in the Presentation:

  • The current state of cyber security
  • Social engineering, phishing and spoofing
  • Email hijacking and account takeovers
  • Creating and managing strong passwords
  • Bank account hijacks & wire transfer fraud
  • Spoofing the boss and CEO fraud
  • Ransomware and Cryptolocker
  • Protecting digital information
  • Networking and cloud security
  • The future of crime in an “all things connected to the Internet” world
  • How to avoid social engineering, spoofing and scam phone calls
  • Preventing email hijacking, account takeovers and social networking fraud
  • Preventing credit and debit card fraud