Hackers List

You have heard of Angie’s List. Now we have Hacker’s List. A site that matches hackers with people who want gain access to a person’s email account, among other things.

To stay private and protected from anyone who might seek professional help to hack your accounts, two things are important:

1. Use strong passwords for all of your accounts.

2. Don’t click on a link to go any place online where you have to enter a username and password. Go directly to the site.

For more information about Hackers List, see this article:


Tax Refund Fraud – Protect Yourself

I will be talking about tax refund fraud on Fox national news with Shepard Smith today in the 3 pm ET hour. The bottom line is this: If you think a crook may have your social security number, go to the IRS Web site and download form 14039. Complete the form and send it to the IRS. You will then get a PIN number to file your taxes. Crooks don’t have the PIN, so they can’t use your information to get a tax refund in your name.

Here is more about the problem itself: