Latest Government Hack

The number of current and former government employees whose personal information (including social security number was hacked numbers at least 4 million. If you are one of these or if your social security number was obtained in any of a number of other security breaches, here are some things to do right away to make sure you don’t become the victim of identity theft.

1. Place a fraud alert or credit freeze with the three credit reporting agencies. As an alternative, you can engage a company such as All Clear ID to monitor your credit file for entries which could indicate fraud.

2. File an identity theft affidavit with the Internal Revenue Service. This prevents a crook from filing a tax return in your name. If you have already filed your taxes this year, this form should be filed before January 15, 2016.

More information is available about these steps on my presentation handout, which can be obtained for free here:

White House threat

So CNBC calls and asks me to do a phone interview on live TV about the White House press room evacuation. I think okay, it’s pretty quiet here in the airport restaurant where I am sitting. As the interview begins, the noise begins with people ordering beers and being asked, “Would you like to add a shot to that for an additional four dollars?”

I hope that background noise didn’t bleed through…and note that I wasn’t the one ordering the drinks.