Following a recent presentation, a member of the audience told me that his mother received a phone call from a person claiming to be a grandchild who had been arrested for fishing without a license. He asked the victim not to tell other family members about the arrest and to wire transfer $2,000 so he could pay a fine. He told her specifically how to wire the money using the services of a local retailer. After sending the money, the victim received another phone call from the man, who claimed that his friend was also arrested for the same infraction. Following the caller’s instructions, the victim sent another $2,000 by wire transfer. A brief time later, the victim found out that her grandchild had not been arrested or fishing. In fact, the grandchild was at his home just a few miles from the victim. An emotional reaction caused the victim to respond to the phone call and send money both times without telling any family members, as instructed by the crook.