It is important to protect minors from identity theft. Imagine if a minor had credit cards opened in their name. They could be victimized for years before they become aware that it has happened. Besides making credit freezes free for adults in all 50 states, the new law also allows parents and guardians to freeze the credit reports of children who are under the age of 16.

You might be thinking that minors don’t have credit reports to freeze. Your thinking would be correct. Minors should not have a credit report. If they do, they have already been victimized and in this case, you should contact the credit reporting agencies to let them know that a minor’s identity may have been used for fraud.

If a minor does not have a credit report, all is good. The new law allows you to create a credit report for a minor and freeze it immediately. This action is highly recommended to protect children from many types of identity theft.

Each of the credit reporting agencies has a specific way to freeze a create and freeze a child’s credit report on their respective websites. I recommend doing this for each child in your family. Do it proactively. Keep a file in a secure place with all the information about the credit repot freezes of the children. They will need that information when they apply for credit in the future.