The topic of  my presentation for the New Jersey Association of Legal Administrators annual Managing Partner Night was “Leadership Ethics”. It was a great group and a receptive audience. My presentation was sponsored by a document solutions company whose main message was to encourage a robust computer back up protocol.

Before I began my presentation on ethics, I emphasized the importance of that message and how ransomware is one of the most significant threats facing small businesses today. If you have a backup, you will never have to pay a ransom to get your files back, even if you are victimized by cryptolocker.

Take the recent cases of two hospitals who were both attacked by cryptolocker. Hospital A had to pay a ransom to unlock their files, hospital B did not. The difference was that hospital B had a clean backup that was used to restore their files. A lesson for us all on the importance of backups.



Now for more on the main topic of my presentation to the New Jersey ALA, please see this link to my ethics handout: