Thanks to the EPN group in Kansas City for having me as a speaker last week. I received some follow-up questions about a particular part of the keynote. I referenced a study that was done by Todd McDonald and Kyndra Wilson involving over 2,000 people, who were asked to finish this statement: “I wish my manager would just…”

Here were the top 11 responses:

1. Listen and understand my side of things.
2. Tell me what’s going on.
3. Ask for my input.
4. Take my input seriously.
5. Help me learn from my mistakes.
6. Teach me what I need to know.
7. Let me do my job.
8. Make the tough calls.
9. Do what you say you’ll do.
10. Recognize that I have a life outside of work.
11. Say “thank you”.

Notice that eight of the top 11 responses have to do with communication. Over and over again, studies have shown that communication from management is an important part of job satisfaction.
This particular study set the stage for the main part of my presentation, a ten point process to great leadership communication. To download my handout on this topic, please go to my “speaking topics and handouts” page on this Web site.