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Cybercrime: How to Stay Safe From Online Fraud and Identity Theft


CYBERCRIME: How to Stay Safe From Online Fraud and Identity Theft.  

A retired FBI agent and computer security expert uses real life examples to demonstrate how cybercrime occurs and what countermeasures we can take to combat the hackers, scammers and identity thieves. 

You will learn about:

  • Email account hijacking
  • Bank account takeovers
  • Ransomware
  • Strong passwords
  • Protecting your computer
  • Protecting your smartphone
  • Wi-Fi hotspot security
  • And more
Jeff Lanza’s
Pistols to Press – The Book



Pistols to Press is about Jeff Lanza’s career as an FBI Special Agent and his transition to one of the Bureau’s most widely recognized and effective spokesman. The delightful anecdotes – how he dealt with likes of Larry King and Connie Chung – provide powerful lessons to help the reader become a more effective communicator.

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What national media talent has said about Jeff’s book:

“As an FBI spokesman, Jeff Lanza spent his career in front of the camera lens. In times of crisis, his carefully chosen words helped calm fears and crack cases. ‘Pistols to Press’ reveals how he mastered the art of effective media communication, and how the rest of us can too. He has some clever techniques that even know-it-all reporters can learn from.”
Jeremy Hubbard, Correspondent, ABC News

“Jeff Lanza knows what it’s like to be under the gun, pressed to deliver the facts quickly while the nation is watching. He earned the trust of those who depended upon him for accurate information.”
Pete Williams, NBC News Justice Correspondent

“As a reporter who covered many of the stories in Pistols to Press, I find it a fascinating walk down the parallel paths taken by journalists, who cover the stories, and law enforcement officers, who manage the investigations. For 15 years, I was privileged to share stage, screen, and crime scene with Jeff Lanza. Sometimes as adversary. Sometimes as colleague. Always as respected friend. Regardless of the crisis, Jeff was prepared, professional, calm, and controlled. Pistols to Press is not just the true inside story behind some of the nations’ biggest crimes. More than that, it is the story of navigating life’s biggest challenges, when there is no road map, no rule book, no clear definition of right and wrong. Jeff Lanza does in this book, what he has always done best: Calming the storm when life gets chaotic while remembering to keep enough perspective to find the anecdotes which resonate in the aftermath.”
Jim Flink, Vice President of News, Newsy

bookback_1200w“Having worked with Jeff during my stint as a television news reporter in my hometown of Kansas City, I can attest to his firm grasp of the skills and temperament that all effective, persuasive communicators must possess. Pistols to Press is a thoroughly enjoyable and easy-flowing read — full of interesting, humorous and sometimes serious anecdotes that illustrate the challenges which often confront such professionals. Perhaps his most poignant piece of advice in all these pages is a simple rule I also have found many spokespersons too often break, that: “…if you expect to communicate effectively, the words ‘no comment’ should never cross your lips.” It is the job of messengers to give information. And we journalists are renowned for rejecting “no” or, more precisely, “no comment” as sufficient for the purposes of informing our audiences. In my dealings with Jeff, I never felt as though he withheld information unreasonably. In fact, in every interview with him, I came away with useful information to impart in my reporting. Pistols to Press should be required reading for any professional in search of proven techniques and practical approaches on how best to serve in the role of official messenger, no matter the industry.”
Ron Mott, Correspondent, NBC News”