Hot Topic – and a Great Cyber Security for Business Speaker

Jeff Lanza is a 20-year FBI veteran, an award-winning speaker and is in high demand as an identity theft speaker and cyber security speaker. 

Jeff Lanza – Cyber Security Speaker – Focus Business Cyber Security
From the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report: “Attackers often compromise smaller less secure businesses and use their environments as their base of operations. The attackers rely on relatively insecure systems with poor monitoring and logging as an additional layer of security when perpetrating attacks. Your systems might be the origin of major breaches and, in addition, your intellectual property might be an attractive bonus.”

Given this threat, Jeff understands that most audiences are not interested in a technical, under-the-hood presentation. Jeff discusses the latest hacks, security breaches and computer scams to demonstrate how cybercrime occurs and what countermeasures small businesses can take to be more cyber secure.

Key Points Covered in the Presentation:
The current state of cyber security
Social engineering, phishing and spoofing
Email hijacking and account takeovers
Creating and managing strong passwords
Bank account takeovers and wire transfer fraud
Spoofing the boss and CEO fraud
Ransomware and Cryptolocker
Protecting digital information on different platforms
Networking and cloud security
The future of crime in an “all things connected to the Internet” world