Ransomware attack

I presented a Webcast to financial advisors today for Ivy Investments on the topic of ransomware and other computer crimes.  During the presentation, a dangerous ransomware attack occurred which had a significant impact on computers globally. Here are four thing individual computer users can do to stay safe.

  • Exercise caution when receiving emails that contain links or attachments.  Don’t click on links or open attachments in unexpected emails.
  • Update your computer operating system and make sure that it is set to update automatically.
  • Make sure you have a current backup. If you use a hard drive to back up your computer, disconnect when you are not backing up, as malware could encrypt your backup drive if is connected.
  • If you use cloud backup, ensure that there are versions which can be used to restore an encrypted backup file or turn off auto-sync, which could replace good backups with encrypted files.


Here is the link to view the Webcast, which is focused on computer security for business:


Presented with Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick

There was a packed house in Kansas City last night for “The World’s Most Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick in Conversation with Jeff Lanza.”

The presentation covered live demonstrations of how easy it is to steal a person’s identity and how a computer can be infected with malware through an innocuous looking PDF file download.

It was great to be on the stage with Kevin in front of such an engaged audience!


For  more information on how to prevent identity theft and computer crime, please download my free handouts: